Depanner Belts

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These belts are manufactured to your specifications and can be shipped with or without depanner cups and/or retainers.

Depanner cup samples are available upon request. *Please call for pricing*

Product Designation

Product Group: PVC conveyor and processing belts
Product Sub Group: PVC food conveyor belts
Main Industry Segments: Bakery (bread)
Belt Applications: Depanner Belt
Special Features: Absorption of stock loads; low friction reverse side
Mode of Use/Conveyance: Horizontal

Depanner Belt Diagram

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Product Construction/Design
1 Conveying Side (Material): Polyvinylchloride (PVC)
1 Conveying Side (Surface): Smooth
1 Conveying Side (Property): Non-adhesive
1 Conveying Side (Color): White
2 Traction Layer (Material): Polyester (PET) fabric
Number of fabrics: 3
3 Running Side/Pulley Side (Material): Polyester (PET) fabric
3 Running Side/Pulley Side (Surface): Fabric
3 Running Side/Pulley Side (Color): White

Product Characteristics

Slider bed suitable: Yes
Carrying rollers suitable: Yes
Power turns, curved installations: No
Nosebar suitable: No
Antistatically equipped: Yes
Metal detector suitable: Yes
Flammability: No specific flammability prevention property
Food suitability FDA: Yes? acc. to 21CFR parts 170-199.
Food suitability USDA: No use intended
Food suitability EU: Yes? acc. to Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and Directive 2002/72/EC as amended.

Technical Data

Thickness: 4.7 mm 0.19 in.
Mass of belt (belt weight): 5.5 kg/m2 1.13 lbs/sq. ft
Nose bar radius (minimum): 0 mm 0.0
Pulley diameter (minimum): 100 mm 4"
Pulley diameter minimum with counter flection: 250 mm 10"
Admissible tensile force per unit of with: 45 N/mm 257 lbs./in.
Operating temperature admissible Min -10 °C Min 14 °F
(Continuous): Max 70 °C Max 158 °F
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