PakUp's Furry Coworkers

Nala ziggy Frankie abby
Nala has a personality as odd as her mix - Black Lab and Schnauzer. She's the goofiest dog in the office and not just because of her little t-rex arms. Nala's odd quirks and strange habits make her incredibly entertaining... AND adorable! Ziggy is the “yogi-ninja” dog of the group. He gets his reputation from his funny yoga poses and quick ninja reflexes. If he’s in “Zen” mode he probably won’t be for long… he’s always up to something! If you throw a ball, Frankie will gladly fetch it for you… ALL... DAY... LONG... He's an older dog of the group but he still has his feisty attitude and will never outgrow playing fetch! Abby may not love most people, but the few that she does she completely spoils with snuggles and attention! With her bright blue eyes and fluffy tail that’s always waging, she’s impossible not to adore once she warms up to you!

bella rudy honey josie
Bella will be timid and unsure of you at first, but once she warms up to you she's an absolute lover. She's quick, stealthy and very smart, which makes her the best escape artist in the office. Rudy, who prefers to be called King Rudolph, sits perched up on the window sill of his choice and will demand your attention if you are petting other dogs. He tries to gain control over PakUp by occasionally peeing on the boss's shoes. Honey is just as sweet as her name. She’s a quiet, gentle, calm-tempered dog. Considering she has 8 other brothers and sisters in her house, it’s hard to believe she’s managed to stay so docile… or maybe that’s the exact reason she is!

Josie was found swimming circles in the middle of the lake until one of our coworkers rescued her. She's a huge dog with a huge heart to match. But what's even bigger... are her bear hugs!

champ sadie belle buffy
Champ, the gentle giant of the group, is a wise old man. Somehow, he has both the dogs and the humans in the office trained. The dogs all respect him and the humans can't say no to his big brown eyes. (Plus he's relentless with the barking). Sadie is part Boston Terrier, part tornado. This sweet little spitfire has more energy than any dog in the office... and the off button is nowhere to be found. One look at her adorable face and all you'll want to do is snuggle her when all she wants to do is wiggle! Our little Belle, Belle is the sweetest little Chihuahua you will ever meet! But be careful! If you hold her too close to your face, she will lick you right up your nose! She absolutely LOVES to snuggle up and stay warm with whoever will let her sleep in their shirt.

Buffy is the newest member of the office. He recently joined the PakUp family after a coworker took him in as a temporary foster, but didn’t have the heart to give him up! He’s a spunky little guy that demands attention and loves to snuggle.

paco wylie annie  
Pako, the hotdog with four legs, doesn't get to visit the office often so when he does it brightens everyone's day. He's a plucky little fella with a whole lot of sass. His small size doesn't stop him from running with the big dogs.

It's a good thing Wylie has such a cute face because he's a naughty little... peanut. He can get away with anything because he'll flash you his goofy smile... teeth and all!! Every pack needs a Dennis The Menace to keep things interesting.

The name Annie is frequently used as an independent name. And independent she is! While at home she loves visiting her neighbors and joining in on their campfires. She is a unique blend of German Shepherd and Basset Hound.  



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