Static Elimination in Packaging

Many packaging operations, such as winding and sleeving, create static. Static attracts dirt and contaminants, which can cause film to attract to the wrong surfaces. PakUp’s static eliminators neutralize the static thus reducing rejects and waste.
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Ionstorm xr2

The IonStorm XR2 static elimination unit is a Shockless Pulsed DC Extended Range Ionization System, made up of Model 3700SC Controller and XR2 Bar. It provides a long range of ionization at distances of 36 plus inches from target surface to eliminate your costly static electricity problems.
400T Ion Edge AC Static Eliminator Bar

The Model 400T Ion-Edge is a shockless superior performing medium range ionization static elimination bar with a market-leading compact and durable design.
Model 5851 & 5854 Model 5851 & 5854 Precision Point AC Static Eliminator

Precision Point Eliminators feature a resistively coupled design that produces a large volume of ionization for eliminating high charges of static even at high production speeds.
ac-blower Curtain-Air Static Eliminator AC Blower

Available in six portable models, each Curtain-Air unit establishes an extra wide and deep ionization field (or curtain) of concentrated ions, completely eliminating troublesome positive and negative static electricity from processing equipment and product surfaces.
vortex-static-eliminator Vortex Static Eliminator AC Blower

Our highly effective Vortex Blower generates and projects an extra wide (18” x 18”) and long range (10 feet) ionization field that engulfs static laden surfaces and completely eliminates positive and negative static electricity.
Model 3024 Series Static Eliminator Bar

The Model 3024 is a compact unit with built-in electronics and powerful static neutralization performance that meets the requirements of high performance machinery.
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