Therapeutic Floor Mats

Supreme Comfort & Environmentally Friendly Design

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Standing on hard floor surfaces such as concrete or ceramic tile for a long period of time causes strain and stress on muscles and joints and restricts normal blood flow. This in turn can produce pain and discomfort and causes the body to feel weak and tired. Subjecting the body to this kind of discomfort day after day can cause musculoskeletal pain, chronic health issues, and chronic fatigue, all of which can result in considerable down time due to absenteeism.

Unlike most Therapeutic Floor Mats on the market today, our Therapeutic Floor Mat has been engineered by combining the strength and durability of recycled rubber for the top with the soft cushion characteristics of polyurethane foam for the core. The end result is a product that performs much like a shock absorber, subtly reacting to shifts in body movement, promoting better posture and circulation and providing a comfortable barrier between the user and the hard floor surface.

An employee who is happy, healthy and provided a safe and comfortable working environment is more likely to be productive and achieve the results you’re seeking. Let us help you provide this kind of working environment for your employees by supplying them with Therapeutic Floor Mats.

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The top rubber surface of the therapeutic Floor Mat contains material that is 100% post-production waste, which makes it 100% recycled.

• Mats are individually hand-crafted

• 1/8" thick recycled rubber top

• 5/8" thick soft polyurethane foam in the middle

• Designed for tough work environments

• Non-slip properties of rubber help to keep mats from sliding

• Offers support to feet, legs, back and neck

• Promotes better posture and circulation

• Improves comfort and safety

• Increases sense of well-being

• Helps reduce down-time due to discomfort and fatigue


PakUp offers a variety of sizes of therapeutic mats. If you don't see the size you're looking for, please call us and we will do our best to meet your needs!

Size - Part Number
3' X 4' - MAT3X4
3' X 5' - MAT3X5
3' X 6' - MAT3X6
3' X 8' - MAT3X8
6' X 2' - MAT6X2
30" X 18" - MAT3018
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